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‘Alcohol Triggers Panic Attacks But I Won’t Stop Drinking’

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Sobriety coin - WikipediaMat admits that alcohol makes their anxiety and depression worse, yet says giving it up is some thing he’s very unlikely to do.

“I’m not ashamed to say I’ve used alcohol substantially throughout the years to aid me,” he admits that. “However, I know it’s a trigger.”

The ex-serviceman is one associated with four Radio 1 listeners we have been following throughout 2017 as they handle the highs and lows associated with mental health conditions.

The iPlayer skin flick My Mind and Me furthermore includes some footage Mat shot while he was having a panic and anxiety attack to try to make people understand how poor they really are.

“When it’s at the worst it’s completely debilitating. I wouldn’t shower for days. I’d beverage really heavily.

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“The anxiety attacks, the suicidal thoughts, all come at the same time and there’s not much you can do about this really.

“Alcohol has played a huge part. I know it’s a cause – especially the depression.

“The majority of panic attacks and mania depressive stages come after a taking in session.

“It’s a downward spiral. As soon as you start to counteract the depression with the beer, you wake up sober and feel 10 times worse.”

At his least expensive point, Mat says he had been drinking all day from the moment he obtained up.

Even though this individual knows alcohol can have this impact Mat’s not sure he could give it up.

“I may be that guy that desires to kill himself every now and then, but still I love my friends and I like going out.

“It’s all I’ve carried out since I’ve been trying to fight it.

“I remember whenever I was 18 going into Wetherspoon and I was really socially stressed. I’d have to get exceptionally drunk in order to feel like I wasn’t out of place.

“It’s like alcohol is the way out, but I know it isn’t – it just makes things 20 times worse.”

Dr Deepti Shah-Armon, from the Arch Hillingdon addiction clinic, says: “The moment you recognise that you’re using drink to cope with an emotion then you need to think if there’s another way to deal with this emotion.”

She says if you recognise earlier enough that you may have a problem there are things can try before heading to your own GP or a clinic like the a single she works for.

“You can actually reduce [your alcohol intake] yourself. It’s very safe to do that and doing healthy things in your life like exercising are so fundamentally important.”

Mat has started going to the gym yet he still can’t quite move the alcohol.

“I don’t think I could give it up because I think I’m mentally dependent on alcohol to help me get through things.”

How you can help someone having an anxiety attack

As you can see, a panic and anxiety attack can be a distressing experience for the patient.

But Mat says simple assistance from whoever’s nearby can make all of the difference.

“Saying ‘Calm down, it’ll be fine,’ won’t work,” he says. “The best thing to do is just be close to them, be there for them.

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