How I’ve Saved Over $15000 Since I Quit Drinking Alcohol | SDA55

Posted on February 3, 2017 By

I’m Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery. This is Stop Drinking Alcohol 55. I got a request this week to talk a little bit more about my alcohol quitting journey and stuff. To be honest with you, I struggle sometimes to find any more things to say about myself on the journey

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8 Essentials for Recovery from Addiction

Posted on January 21, 2017 By

Recovery from addiction is no easy task, and the consequences of relapse can be devastating, even deadly. So, here are 8 essential elements for successful recovery. #1. You must have a plan for recovery because the odds of staying clean and sober decrease significantly without a solid

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How To Talk To An Addict In Denial

Posted on January 16, 2017 By

No one wants to be addicted, no one’s like “oh, I’m gonna go be addicted to whatever.” It comes from a root, there’s a root problem here. And you really have to get to that root problem or it’s just gonna keep coming back. So I hurt my back at work and went to the doctor

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12 Steps: Triggers in Drug and Alcohol Recovery — Relapse Prevention

Posted on January 8, 2017 By

Jen: One of the things we’ve learned over time and through studies is that there are internal triggers that occur long before anyone picks up a drug or a drink. Debbie: Usually with someone who relapses a lot, it’s something inside, something you can’t get over or

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Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

Posted on January 3, 2017 By

Quitting Drinking Alcohol Health Benefits Brain will begin to heal. Sleep better. Your liver will begin to rejuvenate. Clear complexion. Lose some weight. You will never again have to face a hangover. These are some of the Amazing Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol..

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