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Addiction Recovery 12 Step

How to Implement an Effective 12 Step Program

The 12-step program is not a secret. It exists now and gives noticeable results. The 12-step program is a real, widespread and of-used method for retrieval of alcoholism. What is more, the 12-step program is a life-saving opportunity, which is worth the trying. For people who read more

Five Tips for Summer Sobriety for the Recovering Alcoholic

For those recovering from an alcoholic beverages addiction, summer traditions can be a relapse waiting to happen. Here are five tips to help you remain sober.

For many Americans, the comfortable summer days means relaxation holidays, carefree outings to the seaside, boating trips read more

The 12 Steps – A Spiritual Transformation

Many mental health care professionals do not understand the 12-Step recovery procedure, unless they have participated in a 12-Step program. Although they may encourage their particular clients to do so, they may feel puzzled or intimated, or act making use of. Often, therapists don’t read more

Sobriety and Abstinence – 2 Distinctly Different Terms in Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Entering and growing in recovery or even working on sobriety is much different than lack, simply stopping the use of drugs and alcohol. Becoming sober is a procedure, not an event. Some people get into treatment, complete it and think they are done; that is no therefore.

Achieving read more