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Addiction Recovery Sobriety

12 Steps to Divorcing a Drug Addict

1 . Put Your Trust In Your God. The Universe is controlled simply by a divine power. Put your own trust in the power of prayer plus listen to the answers. Through my marriage, I prayed for your strength to get through some very challenging times. Not being an addict personally, I can read more

Early Addiction Recovery – Essential Things You Need to Know For Your Marriage to Survive Recovery

The first year associated with addiction recovery is often cited because the most difficult period of time in recovery-not simply because early recovery is so fragile as well as the probability of relapse is greatest-but because relationships change in early recuperation. Many marriages read more

Dear Addiction, A Letter from a Mother

Dear Addiction: You have been around for centuries. Way before I had been born. You can appear in numerous shapes & forms. You could be a cigarette, a joint, dark chocolate cake, a bottle of beverage, French fries, pills, sex or even white powder. You ruined numerous holidays for read more

Sobriety May Cause a Divorce

What did he just compose? Is he serious? He should be desperate to write an article, because he might have nothing to contribute at this time. Somebody ought to stuff his brain plus break his laptop.

I feel serious about all this. And I am a recovering alcoholic. I only wish to inform read more

Death From Alcohol Abuse – Not a Pretty Way to Die

I have watched individuals I love struggle with alcohol abuse. The assist offered seemed so useless. Go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and obtain a grip seemed to become the only advice. I attended conferences and as a registered marriage plus family therapist did more than I actually read more

Pam’s Recovery Story: Family or Alcohol

My name is Pam, and I struggled with Alcohol for over three years. I got to a low point where I was faced with losing my family. Initially, when I was a social drinker and somewhat controlled, it was fun. You know, it’s a social lubricant, we had a great time, but as I got deeper read more

8 Essentials for Recovery from Addiction

Recovery from addiction is no easy task, and the consequences of relapse can be devastating, even deadly. So, here are 8 essential elements for successful recovery. #1. You must have a plan for recovery because the odds of staying clean and sober decrease significantly without a solid read more