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Addiction Recovery Tips

Whiskey, Wine and a Good Night’s Sleep – Prevent Alcohol’s Ill Effects on Your Slumber

The nightcap has quite a following: Up to 15% of individuals use alcohol to seduce the particular sandman, large-scale surveys show. Alcohol’s sleep-inducing effects occur partly due to the fact it’s a muscle relaxant (relaxed muscles help you fall asleep more quickly), read more

Ten Warning Signs Of Alcoholism – 10 Things To Ask Yourself If You Drink A Lot

Has this every occurred to you, you wake up again along with yet another hang over and can not appear to remember the details of the night before. Or you are cleaning up your house and are stunned the amount of empty liquor bottles which you find in the garbage. Have a person ever stopped read more

Insomnia Help – How Alcohol Causes Insomnia

Many people prefer to drink wine, beer or additional alcoholic beverages after work or at night, and because of the muscle (and mind) relaxation that occurs, may believe that alcoholic beverages helps them sleep.

Ironically, whilst a few drinks may bring on the sleepy state, they will read more

7 Tips to Stand Up to Your Alcoholic Husband

Are you living with an alcoholic hubby? Do you feel like you are being used? A number of women I treat with this position feel like a doormat plus their self-esteem suffers each time installed up with the extreme selfishness of the spouse that is deep in his dependancy.

I am a psychiatrist read more

Sex Addiction Stereotypes

Sex dependancy is a widely misunderstood disease. As a result there are many stereotypes associated with the dependancy. If any progress is to be produced in raising public awareness about lovemaking addiction, it is important to understand those stereotypes and debunk them as much read more

Alcohol Treatments – Alcohol is a Miracle, But NOT For the Reason You Think!

What Really Are The Top Alcohol Treatments?

Who would have ever thought that something effective at ruining your life actually has some great in it? Yes, alcohol is a miracle, well, it could be, but not regarding the reason you think. If you might be in need of alcohol treatments, read more

Recovery From Addiction – Why an Entire Psychic Change is Required

If you are struggling with an addiction or have recently gotten on the path of recovery take a couple of minutes to recall the incidents associated with despair, discouragement, and disillusionment that this addiction has caused in your life.

The lives of those living addictively turn read more