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Dear Addiction, A Letter from a Mother

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Dear Addiction: You have been around for centuries. Way before I had been born. You can appear in numerous shapes & forms. You could be a cigarette, a joint, dark chocolate cake, a bottle of beverage, French fries, pills, sex or even white powder. You ruined numerous holidays for me. You made me personally feel different from all the other children at school. You made me personally feel ashamed of my family. You triggered me to do poorly in school. You made me keep so many things inside-fear, shame, anger, worthlessness. You produced my mother distant & chilly. You made my father negative & unlikable. You made my childhood unhappy. You made me act & think like an adult when I must have been playing kick ball outdoors with my friends. You made me personally who I am today. Because associated with you, I am strong & self-confident. I can handle any crisis that will comes my way. You pushed me as an adult to deal with many difficult emotions. I am nevertheless standing. I am who I am due to you… But, that’ s me….

You stole my son’ h youth. You robbed him associated with his innocence. You made your pet feel like he wasn’ t regular. You made him steal, lay, & cheat. You always had been, and always will be a portion of his life. Even when this individual was in my belly, you were right now there. As much as he doesn’ capital t want you-you will always be there. You’ re that annoying person using his tail on the highway. He appears in the rear view mirror & right now there you are. He can speed up or even slam on his brakes but that will won’ t get rid of you. You’ re that ex girlfriend he can’ t shake, the annoying, possessive, controlling, all too consuming person, he is able to break up with a girl friend; this individual can’ t break up with you. You will always come back to haunt him. You’ re that first pimple, in the perfectly, clear complexion-that never disappears. He doesn’ t want to visit school because kids will look at his pimple, everyone sees it but no one says something. He looks in the mirror & there you are. You are always hiding. You’ re that big Biology test we all had to take. We studied for hours on end, sleepless evenings lying in bed worried, stressed out about how exactly I will do? Will I complete? Will I have to re-take it? What if I fail? What if I allow myself down? But you’ lso are not a Biology test that will goes away at the end of the semester or even school year. You are so various. You cause my son tension & anxiety every day. You never ever go away, not even for a moment. You are air, water, a constant nagging reminder. He appears in the mirror, opens the frig, puts gas in the car, would go to work, watches the Super dish, goes to the mall, church, views a pretty girl & right now there you are. He can’ t also get away from you when he’ s sleeping, he dreams regarding you. You are his epidermis, his soul, his heart, most severe of all, you are his mind. Everyone deserves a break, but you, a person don’ t give up.

You are usually cruel & evil. You don’ t care whose lives a person ruin. Doctor’ s, lawyers, plumbers, pregnant mothers, there is no discrimination or even age barriers with you. You seep into 13 year olds & carry on haunting them well into their 90’ s, if they live that long. You confuse many people. You make other people think that my son is fragile. If they only knew just how strong he must be to keep a person away. It takes stamina to maintain you out of his life. More people would feel comfortable asking me personally how he is, if he had malignancy. How’ s he doing? Is the chemo working? What the actual doctor’ s say? would be queries I would hear. Few people realize you or believe you are a disease. You’ re not cement, not everyone can grasp a person. But me, I have lived together with you in one way or another, my expereince of living. If you weren’ t the grandfather, you were my father or my mate, now you are my son. Since we have lived with each other for such a long time, we should be friends by now. You was previously my enemy. Now, I take you. You won’ t damage my life any longer. I am a jet fighter, remember? -you made me this way? You made me a survivor. You have made me be able to manage through the most difficult times. I have viewed my mother & my 39 year old brother take their final breath. Because of you, We are still standing. You made me personally drop my 18 year old boy off @ rehab on that will cold February morning. The Steelers had just won the extremely bowl 12 hours before. My son should be at college partying with friends. But no, a person made him go to rehab regarding heroin… …..

When my child was in high school, I was suspicious associated with you. I agonized about your own control over him. I had him examined on different occasions, I had captured him drinking, found weed. You are very sly. He was able to a person from me & the counselor. You had become his key now. You made me really feel crazy at times. I worried upon a daily basis that you had control of my son. Worrying is even worse than knowing the truth. The “ what if’ s in life may destroy you. Once you know some thing, you are able to face it head on, handle it. It is what it is…. The worrying & crazy considering made me search my son’ s room, desk drawers, or even back pack, turning his room inverted every time he left the house. Sometimes my search came up thoroughly clean. This is when I tried to persuade myself you were not present in his existence. Other times, I found Visine or even a lighter. Funny thing regarding you, is even when you are correct in front of me, I was able to inform myself it was normal teenage make use of. I chalked it up to normal testing. He lied about his “ new friends”, always told me this individual was going out with the kids I enjoyed. Sometimes I am madder at refusal than I am at you. You both seem so powerful during the time. I grew up with you, how is there a chance i not see you? Funny thing regarding being the mother now, not the particular daughter or the sister of a person, was deep down I understood you were lurking. I had an anxious feeling, gut feeling, mother’ h premonition I guess. Then one day, I actually realized HE was one of the “ potheads” at school. The child that everyone dismisses, looked at within disgust, as a no good loss. My son was not a loss, he was MY son. The same little boy I provided home to from the hospital as a baby, my first born. I rushed your pet to the pediatrician when it was simply a stuffy nose. I remained up with him when he had the particular flu, I was there when this individual hit his first homerun, put his first touchdown pass. I actually talked to him about ladies, making good grades, he cared for about life, and he wanted to be successful. He was not & never is going to be a loser in my eyes. You are the reason ignorant people evaluated my son. I had a sensation you were there. Yet, to some degree, I had been wearing blinders. Now, looking back again you were as clear as day time. The red eyes, the is situated, the late nights, sneaking away from home, the smell of marijuana, but nevertheless, I believed the lies that will came out of my son’ s mouth area. I grounded him when this individual broke the rules.

The day I had been unable to continue burying my head within the sand or continue pretending existence was normal was when my hubby called & told me I had to the school, there was disciplinary action used against my son. Many reasons behind the call would normally run through a frantic mother’ s mind. Not mine; my first thought has been my son was caught cigarette smoking weed at school. It has been more, it was much worse compared to that. There was a officer, the principal; my son was in a separate room. I was told he previously stolen property from the school & if he had been 18 during the time he would have been handcuffed & delivered to jail. The thought of my boy in jail made me weep, call my husband trying to speak in between sobs so he knew the thing that was going on, but what was really taking place? That was the beginning of the new life. This was their senior year; he should be thrilled as this is his last year in senior high school, playing baseball, going off to school soon, lasting memories forever. There would be no baseball; he had not been permitted to play. New words stuffed my son’ s vocabulary, thoroughly clean & serene, sobriety.

Life is all about choices & with every option comes a consequence. Today, the son is choosing life more than you. There are really only 3 choices when it comes to you, jail, dying or recovery. I prided me personally that I was different from the mother, I am open & sincere with my kids about you, I actually don’ t sweep you underneath the carpet like she did. We actually talked about you at the dinning table, in the car driving to football games. The fact that you destroyed my childhood was known in my loved ones. My kids were aware of you-almost to the point they may have tuned me personally out. Don’ t get me wrong, I actually wasn’ t a martyr, I had been just very open & sincere with your affects on my father & brother. You were a portion of our gene pool; I experienced I had to talk about you to my kids.

He is not the only young individual whose life you have contaminated. No one is exempt from you. You affect nearly every human beings life in some manner or another, a loved one, a buddy or a neighbor knows you well. I’ m not upset at you. The best vengeance against someone or something is simple- LIVING WELL… … I experience you, I learn from a person. You have become my driving push, my passion, my purpose. I actually won’ t run from a person or keep you a secret when i did when I was a child. I will embrace you, I will shout from the rooftops about a person. I am only as sick because my secrets. You have been uncovered. You are out there for everyone to find out. My son won’ t conceal either. He did for a few years but he’ s onto you now. He is so bright, therefore intuitive. You made him turn out to be a man. He is a man at 19 years old, smarter than most adult men I know. We are seeing the good side of a person. I always try to see the bright side associated with what initially appears to be a poor situation. Again, that is because of a person, when I was young you pushed me to look at a bad scenario and say, “ Hey, it might always be worse. ” That’ h how I have survived many challenges in my life. I realized others had it worse than Used to do, so who was I to make a complaint?

I know that’ s could was able to handle myself when the son told me he needed assist. As I watch my boy cry and tell me he desired he was normal. He mentioned he needed help. “ It’ s worse Mom, its heroin…. ” There YOU were when the most severe moment of my 18 many years as a mother had simply smacked me in the face. I believed to my son, “ Eric, it’ s not cancer, WE will make it through this”. I hugged him & we both cried. As I kept him, I wondered how I could utter any words; I didn’ t think I had air within my lungs. Finally, you were out on view!!!! The other shoe had dropped, the “ what ifs” has been now reality & it was time for you to confront YOU… … I known as one of my sisters, the health professional, the strong one, and the one which holds her emotions in. I actually told her I needed to get the son, her nephew, her godson into rehab ASAP. As I actually heard the gasp & the particular whimpers she tried to hide from me, I thought, “ Wow, issue rocks her, this is really, actually bad. I am a “ fixer”, a results oriented person, In my opinion I focused on what to do next, who else to call and where may he rehabilitate. I was in overdrive. Because of you being a family member of mine, I also understood I could support my son, yet this was his battle. There has been no simple fix, no music group aid to place over the wound. No antibiotic would cure this within 10-14 days. Hearing these phrases come from my son’ h mouth, not the district attorney’ s office or the coroner, has been extremely encouraging to me. I understood that night, at that specific moment; I would stand by my boy forever and ever as he labored on his life without you. I actually later, had received a notice from a dear friend nevertheless, “ Parenting can be easy whenever things are going smoothly, as they must be, it is when we are faced with hard situations that we put our abilities to work. ” You taught me personally these skills as a kid. I never doubted my capability to cope with this situation.

Even as self-confident as I was, my heart has been shattered. You must love ripping people’ s hearts open & stomping on them. You create chaos with all family members. I have 1 sibling, 4 sisters, & 21 nieces & nephews. Each and every one of these was affected by you & your own control over my son. Dealing along with you is very personal. My daughters had been angry at their brother. He always got more attention. You caused him to. They good young girls, extremely bright & accountable. They didn’ t understand why their particular brother, who caused so many sleep deprived nights & fights continued obtaining more of their parents attention. They did everything they were supposed to do & it seemed no one noticed. I discovered their valiant effort but I actually didn’ t always commend all of them for it. You sucked the energy away from me at times. I dealt with a person differently than my husband did. You almost caused a divorce yet I came to my senses. Believe it or not, realizing I was helpless over you is when I could move ahead. I can’ t battle you anymore. I won’ capital t fight you anymore.

My boy found NA and it saved their life. He now feels regular. He has learned how you can get replaced. The 12 Step program will be bigger & stronger than a person. I often wonder why the world doesn’ t follow these easy steps. My son goes to daily conferences & meets with his therapist every week. You are still present, always is going to be, but KNOWLEDGE = POWER. He talks about you & reads publications about you, works his 12 Steps. The power of dependancy is mighty, but the power associated with recovery is mightier…..

He understands even though he is not using medications, many of the same behaviors still exist. Rather than being critical of others, he could be taking his own moral inventory. He focuses on his character defects and can make amends to those he injured when he is ready. He understands a journey of a thousands of miles begins with a individual step. That first step may be the hardest. Realizing your life is unmanageable may be the start, a powerful start. Whose life isn’ t unmanageable at some time? Each step that is taken away from you gets a little simpler. If he could just run as quickly as possible from you, it would be easier. This isn’ t a sprint, it’ s a lifelong marathon. This is a process, a lengthy & difficult process. Life will be progression not perfection. He will be well aware you can cause a relapse while he is recovering from you. This happened once. It can happen again & again in case he gets over confident & thinks he has you “ licked”. That’ s why he would go to meetings daily, he needs to be reminded of the pain you caused your pet that made him get to the particular rooms of NA. He can’ t resent you either, that will won’ t work. He needs to accept you as part of his everyday life, part of his every breath. He knows all too well that should this individual choose a life with you, he can be living on the streets. I actually won’ t stand for you in my house. Tough love isn’ capital t that tough for me. I produced my son leave once; this lasted for 14 days. I really like him and will not stand by watching him die a slow dying because of you. I pray you can stay away. Because of you, I actually take one day at a period. When I have to, I take about a minute at a time.

Anyone that has known you and who has survived a person is brave. My son will be my hero. His strength amazes me. His ability at this kind of a young age, to see you were destroying his life and ask for assist takes courage. You may have used his youth but you haven’ capital t taken his life. He may live a perfectly healthy existence. He will be happier without a person. He will find a wife & have children. You may or may not be a part of my grandchildren’ s lifestyles. If you are, my son may handle it. He, just like me personally, is a survivor because of a person. You have caused us discomfort but at the same time, you have given all of us the ability for pure pleasure. Without pain, we would never fully prefer the joy. I have met some impressive people because of you. People, in whose lives you have touched, are the sodium of the earth. There is no phoniness, they are not trying to “ keep up with the particular Joneses”, and they are real people with actual stories & experiences to share. They care about living for today & being the best person they can be. You have humbled them. Looking back again on my life, you may have caused me personally great pain, but I am not really bitter. I am able to see circumstances more clearly and focus on the particular positives life has to offer.

I hope that you will keep your distance. Let’ h face it, that’ s just about all I can do. I am powerless. I actually pray every day; I thank God for everything I have. I have a lot more than you in my life today.

I’ m sure I will be viewing you around. Mary PS Please don’ t take my boy from me. He has a lot to offer to others. Don’ capital t make me bury him… … … … …

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