Dry vs Sober: Exploring the Dry Drunk Syndrome

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Gayle: What detox does, is it gets the drug out of your system so that you’re not being influenced by a mood-altering drug any longer; but that’s not the problem. The problem is not really the alcohol, the problem is alcohol, or drugs, have been the solution. Jen: There’s a big difference between dry and sober. If someone goes to detox for three days, for example, and they get the alcohol out of their system, they’re dry, they’re clean; but the quality of their life is severely impacted. Andrew: If you just take away the physical part of the addiction, you haven’t changed anything about the person, and it’s really hard not to expect them to go back to it. Jen: When we talk about sober and we talk about recovery, that’s really an application of tools to be able to be happy, content, and centered without substances.

Gayle: What they need to do then is to learn how to change their behaviors around it, learn new skills, new life skills, how to live without a mood-altering drug. Andrew: How to deal with anger, how to deal with stress, and how to just deal with people. Gayle: How to deal with their anxiety when it comes up, depression, sadness, resentment. Andrew: How to interact with people normally and how to be a good person. Jen: We really believe that for someone to have quality of life, to have happiness, to have health and balance, they have to employ the tools of recovery, so they can be happy and sober, and not just dry or a dry drunk.

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