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Five Tips for Summer Sobriety for the Recovering Alcoholic

Posted on March 7, 2018 By

For those recovering from an alcoholic beverages addiction, summer traditions can be a relapse waiting to happen. Here are five tips to help you remain sober.

For many Americans, the comfortable summer days means relaxation holidays, carefree outings to the seaside, boating trips to the river and backyard barbeques. However, for those recovering from an alcohol dependancy, each of these summer traditions can be a relapse waiting to happen – if you are not ready.

The following tips can help you remain sober, no matter what your summer season plans include.

1. Think about your vacation destination — If you are recovering from an alcoholic beverages addiction, you probably do not want to cruise trip or stay somewhere (like Vegas) where drinking is one of the main attractions. This is especially essential for those in the initial phases of recovery, as the attraction may be more than you can handle.

2. Plan an exit strategy – Whether you are on vacation or even in a neighborhood backyard barbeque, it is best to have an exit strategy. Avoid those who are harassing you to drink. Be ready to leave or tell them why you are certainly not drinking. Do not give in in order to the "one drink will not hurt" mentality. Your sobriety is much more important than anyone' h definition of a "good time".

3. Do not push yourself — Only you truly know how very much pressure you can take and what situations cause you to temptation. Avoiding these situations is vital to staying sober this summer. Be honest with yourself. It is essential for you to know how much you are able to handle so you do not try to perform more.

4. Bring your own support along – If you would like to go to a barbeque or go on a vacation but feel you might be tempted, provide someone you can trust along to help keep you accountable. Knowing that there is somebody with you can be a great encouragement whenever turning down drinks. You also needs to be honest with them if you need to keep and include them in your exit technique.

5. Get plenty of rest – Do not commit to carrying out more than you should. Activities in the sun can be physically draining. If you are tired, your resolve might not be as strong. Make sure you have experienced plenty of rest before participating in any kind of summer activities where you may be lured to drink.

Just like any additional time of the year, the most significant tips for staying sober plus avoiding relapse involve being sincere with yourself, planning ahead and possessing a trusted support group.

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