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Helping You Quit Alcohol And Drugs

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alcohol-dissolves-marriages-families-careers-quote-about-alcoholism-sobriety-recoveryAlcoholics Anonymous, which is widely known as AA is in fact the largest joint support group in the world for anyone who wants to kick the habit of alcohol consumption. AA consists of a bunch of men and women who have previously suffered or who are currently suffering from alcohol dependency, and who support each other in fighting their addiction. Anyone who believes they are an alcoholic can find valuable support in the local AA centre.

Members of AA would not tell you to your face that you are an alcoholic so it’s down to you to judge whether you are or not. If you do get a consistent urge to drink or always finish up going over the top or if you feel dependent on alcohol to help you manage to get through the night or day, then you can consider yourself an alcoholic or an alcoholic dependent person.

Some people who are able to consume vast quantities of alcohol without losing their senses believe themselves not to be alcoholics, but this can also be considered as another symptom of being an alcoholic.

As soon as you are certain that you are alcohol dependent, then first you must abstain from drinking as much as you can to kick the habit. Although it is easy to tell someone to cut back on alcohol consumption, it is not possible for an alcoholic to carry out this advice due to the condition that they are suffering from.

It is therefore of extreme importance that people who are dependent on Alcohol get imperative advice from people who have or who are in the process of giving up alcohol consumption and where better than the Alcoholics Anonymous group.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the finest support group that you could ever think of joining, as it is one of those rare institutions which are apolitical, non-denominational and multiracial. AA has absolutely no social, political or religious biases and the only objective the group has is to reach a collective goal of non-alcoholism.

AA is a non profit making organization run by and overseen by past and current alcoholic members and the door is always open to new members and it’s free. There are no obligations to overcome in becoming a member, except for the tendency to quit drinking alcohol.

Alcoholics Anonymous has the reputation of being the world’s biggest self support organization. You can find local branches of AA in virtually any city throughout the world. Members normally meet up once a week and talk about the difficulties that arise through being dependent on alcohol. They also touch on other subjects like how they plan on kicking the habit, what actually made them want to stop and what the resulting negative and positive changes are in their lives while both on and off alcohol.

It is totally free to become a member of AA and admission is only on a voluntary basis. Neither attendance nor membership records are kept, but they do have something called a buddy system, whereby two members are co-dependent on each other which helps to avoid either member having a relapse.

So as you can see it is made so easy for anyone in need to join Alcoholics Anonymous and all group therapy is overseen by experts qualified in helping people kick drinking alcohol. You too could just assist a couple of meetings at your local AA branch and see what a difference it makes.

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