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How I’ve Saved Over $15000 Since I Quit Drinking Alcohol | SDA55

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I’m Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery. This will be Stop Drinking Alcohol 55. I got a request this week to a little bit more about my alcohol stopping journey and stuff. To become honest with you, I struggle occasionally to find any more things to say regarding myself on the journey. It’s eliminated beyond quitting alcohol now, and it’s really all about change for me – it can all about where I’m gonna proceed next. Alcohol is really, really a part of my past. This is where I’m holding onto all the alcohol stuff, will be by talking about it and by assisting other people going through the same journey that will I’m going through, the journey I’ve been through. So I don’t think about this from a personal level anymore. It is what it is. I just seem like I’ve changed so much in the last yr, and I’m a lazy hooligan! If I can do it, anybody can do it. I was reading through last night about karma. It usually struck me in the past as being a little bit woo-woo! It’s sort of a bit ‘way out there’ with the new-age travellers and hippies and all that kind of stuff.

Something else about it really struck myself when the Dalai Lama was speaking about it. He was saying that karma actually means action. You’re struggling now or you’re going through the particular stuff now that you’re going through due to the stuff that you’d done in the past. And I always thought that meant it had been a good vs . bad thing, “you’re gonna get yours, Jimmy” – but it’s not. When this boils down to it, it’s on an actually personal level. It’s everything you have done in the past, all the directions that you have taken, all the decision that you’ve produced, all the choices that you’ve made, have the ability to led you into the spot that you are currently in now.

It also bodes for the future that everything that you do today in this moment, every choice which you make, every decision that you create, is going to lead you into a defined path in the future. So what you do now could be what matters more than anything else. I simply wanted to share that because it can weird how you get fixated upon specific perspectives about things, particular meanings… especially when it comes to language. Language can have a thousand different meanings, several different meanings to different people. I go on about language a lot within addiction and quitting addiction due to the fact I think it’s such a huge part of what holds people back again as well as what pushes some people ahead.

So for me at the moment, it’s about looking at my future, so I try and visualize the place that I’m gonna be and work the way back from there. I start from exactly where I want to end up, and then take those steps backwards to see how I’m gonna get there. Everything that I do now is about change. It’s gonna happen anyway – modify is inevitable, change happens just about everywhere we go, it’s just an issue of who is going to direct the particular change. Is it you that is gonna direct your own change or even are you just gonna leave this to chance, are you gonna depart it until the bottom of a container. As the title of the movie suggests, I wanted to talk a bit about money – how much I’ve actually saved over the last year given that I haven’t been drinking. It’s a massive amount but nowhere close to as much as I would have saved in case I was back in Ireland. I was working it out plus basically I saved â€? I lost, I should say — about 50 quid a day, 50 dollars a day just by days skipped from my work. I can’t say for sure what that adds up to, I’ll include it up at the end and put it up.

But, I also spent probably regarding 60 Euros here a week venturing out and drinking out, plus one more 60 on top of that eating out when I was drinking. So eating all of the shitty, crappy foods… And after that being Spain, a lot of wine more than here, and very cheap, so I probably put it at about $20 upon that for what I used on booze to take home. So simply by not drinking in Spain, I’m saving myself about 12, 500 a year. If I was in Ireland that would be double! In Ireland, I used to spend 300 Euros — easy – a week, in the bar, on Guinness.

And then it had been more expensive than to eat out. The days when I wasn’t functioning, I was earning really good cash working in the forestry in Ireland, so… I’d say on average, I probably lost about 300-400 Euros a week – more, sometimes, due to the fact I wasn’t going out working. On a good day in Ireland, I’d make 500, easy. I had a lad working with me, and was one of the things that really kept myself from really falling off the truck, because I could live away from a couple of days work. If I do two really good days work there’d be no problem. It was as they had a wife and a young family members; that was pushing all my ethical control keys, so there was no way I can do that.

He really kept myself on the straight and narrow this way, but then he left and obtained a better job – I wasn’t having to pay him enough. It coincided during the time with the forestry industry everything having a dump in the market and people weren’t actually looking for timber products, the building industry in Ireland went to clips. Of course then, I consumed as much, just because there’s not enough cash, there was always enough for consuming. Anyway, the point is that in Ireland, 25K a year I spent or even I missed out on because I had been drinking. When I was taking into consideration the moving to Spain – during the last year since I got right here, or the first year that I was here I should state, before I gave up the alcoholic beverages – I’d been doing a little bit of coding for a while, purely for my very own websites, and a lot of article writing.

My brother-in-law is a real estate agent and he questioned me to do a rental site associated with his business so that people can actually put up their own properties when they wanted to rent them out without needing to come into the office or anything — an automatic thing. With me, had been learning the coding for it and after that doing all the stuff that I necessary for that part of it and then studying some more coding so that I can move it forward. It required so long to get up to a certain stage and I just couldn’t obtain myself past that level.

My brain was fried with it, also it wasn’t just the code and it had been just all the booze. I imply, you sit there and if you’re so tired – I believe, energy-wise, it takes a lot of energy from me just doing the creative aspect of anything more than the physical aspect. I’d feel more tired right after doing that. I really discovered it hard to concentrate and I didn’t finish it. He in fact asked me to do another purpose of him recently – to do the database – and thankfully I had the intelligence enough to look and find somebody in India who are able to do it a lot better than I can, much faster and a lot cheaper.

We’re performing that now, but in the interim I was digging out all of the old files for this previous factor and looking through them. The ideas were just snapping in to place. It’s amazing how, whenever your brain is really unplugged from the alcoholic beverages nipple, that it frees it all upward again. We were off up to football match tonight, Arsenal actively playing Southampton. Going to the same pub, same people are there. Beforehand, I used to drink maybe 6-7 pints.

If I got away by it, I would’ve drank more, however a good partner – she utilized to keep me in check. After that will or during the match, I’d possibly scoff down 2 or 3 packets associated with crisps – potato chips. Also nuts, and afterwards go for a big, oily burger, chips, French fries, the best thick ones. They tasted good but they don’t do your coronary heart any good. Tonight, or every time I’ve gone up now in the last year, coach anyone how to maybe a pint of orange fruit juice and a couple of bottles of drinking water. Whereas before, the whole thing would require me to pay 35-40 Euros a night, today it’s a fiver â€? 5 Euros. Things are a lot cheaper with this side of the fence.

Another point is that I enjoy everything a lot more. I went to my sister’s last week to her house-warming party. It was not a big piss-up with loads of consume – it was me, the sibling with her husband and the girl four kids, and my dad plus Esther. There was only one wine bottle on the table. But I knew all in all that there was nothing in the history that was going to stop me through having a good time. What lifts off your shoulder blades when you know you’re not gonna consume anymore is the fact that you know that there’s going to be no more hangovers. You realize that there’s not gonna be forget about of that drunken stupidity – forget about regrets about that. There’s just going to be no more drunkenness. When I think back and I know many people will accuse me of searching through rose-tinted glasses, but when I look back at the times when I was drinking, although the compulsion had been to stay, the drunker and drunker you get you just don’t remember this.

If there is a buzz to it, it can only in the first two or three beverages, and then it starts to degenerates after that into something which is not enjoyment. I think part of that is to do with your mind knowing what’s going to happen. The human brain knows what’s around the corner. It understands exactly what you’re facing the next early morning. It knows you’re acting such as an idiot and you’re making a tv show of yourself. It knows that you’ve dropped self-respect, and all these things weigh upon you. It’s when you quit, you understand you’ve quit, that you get this substantial weight off your shoulders. That weighs in at down heavily on anyone, specifically the longer you do it. It’s like Scrooge, years ago in the Christmas carol – Charles Dickens, plus Marley’s Ghost at the beginning, and he arrived with all these chains and ledgers strapped to the chains and they had been all the bad deeds that however done over the years.

Link upon hyperlink upon link, and that’s how you feel — it’s just this massive bodyweight, and when you do quit, you get everything that freedom which is unbelievable. So, that have to have been the most rambliest rambling movie that I’ve ever done. Until next time. I’m Kevin O’Hara regarding Alcohol Mastery. Onwards and up-wards!.

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