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How Long Does the Tiredness Last Once You Quit Alcohol?

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This is Alcohol Mastery, my nameís Kevin OíHara, and today want to do one of the questions that you guys have put onto the comments box. This one comes from L0kic8 and is ìHow long does the tiredness last?î So first off Iíll just read the comment: ìHow long for you did the tiredness last for days after drinking??? I’m wrecked tired all week. I know if I stay sober long enough my body will eventually rid itself of the poison and Iíll get my energy to do more things. You vids are really helping me. Thank youî First of all, congratulations on making the decision to stop drinking! Itís a big commitment but the decision to quit is going to be well worth it. And thanks for leaving the comment on the post by the way. Everyone goes through different experiences when they quit drinking. I didnít know what to expect this time. I thought that Iíd be losing sleep, I thought that Iíd be tired because five years ago I went through the process, I gave up for eleven months, and that was what happened for the first month.

I couldnít sleep, I felt tired, I had to go out and do a manual job thenÖ it was physical laborÖ I was in the forestry, soÖ For the first month I really did feel tired. This time, I donít know, I felt exhilaratedÖ I felt on top of things. And maybe I just felt some of my youth coming back. And I realized this time that I was never going to go back on itÖ the last time I knew that it was only for eleven monthsÖ and I was setting myself a target to stay off the alcoholÖ Actually, when I first stopped I only set myself a target for three months, and then I decided to do a year. Then my brother said that he was getting married so the year was shortened down to eleven months, and I thought Iíd go back on the drink when I go to his wedding. But this time when I quit, I really felt like I was young again. I felt invigorated with things. I wanted to do so much.

I started going out, and I got a running app for my phone, I started running a minute on a minute off, that kind of thingÖ I joined yoga. After a month, the tiredness kicked inÖ I felt exhausted. It was my body telling me, look, youíre not a kid any more, I donít care if youíre stopping drinking, you canít cope with this.

I also had a lot of weight to loseÖ I had seventy pound, easilyÖ to get to the ideal weight that I wanna be. Iíve lost 30Ö But by losing all that weight, itís releasing all the toxins from the cellulite in your body. Your body hasnít got the option of trapping the toxins into the fat any more, so it has to deal with itÖ it has to release them in some way, and when itís releasing them itís diverting resources that it would otherwise give you to keep yourself going. And thatís with my personal experience. Like I say, itís gonna be different for everyone. My best advice for you is to just relax, try and eat good food. Donít be eating crap food because itís not going to do your body any good.

You know, thereís a lot of people who say well just substitute the alcohol and eat chocolate and that kind of thingÖ drink whatever coke you wantÖ you know, eat whatever you wantÖ And I donít believe thatÖ You should start as you mean to go on. Iím not saying you shouldnít have a treat or anything like that. Treat your body wellÖ Drink plenty of waterÖ Try and get as much rest as you canÖ Even if youíre not falling asleep, just the fact that youíre going to bedÖ and relaxÖ and try and do some breathing exercises or something to calm yourself down. If you really worry about it, go down to your doctor.

They are going to be the best person to speak to, you know, just have a chat with themÖ And theyíll certainly put your mind at rest either wayÖ So thanks to L0kic8 for the comment. If you want to leave a comment, just leave one below the video if youíre on youtube, or go over to the websiteÖ and leave a comment there. Thereíll be a link down below in the description, so you can click on that and go over to the websiteÖ Also you can use the contact box at the top of the website. Or you can contact me directly at Thanks for visiting.

My nameís Kevin OíHara, this is, onwards and upwards!.

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