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How Long Is Inpatient Rehab for Alcohol Addiction?

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I have to wonder if people are looking at a 30 day program, what’s the time frame? What’s the sense of urgency? What does this mean for you, and your longterm recovery if you’re only giving it 30 days? My history with alcohol started – you know, I grew up around it. I had a father that I feel like he drank responsibly, he was a functioning adult. I had a mother who was a severe alcoholic, and she drank herself to death when she was 55. It was part of my, what they call an ‘aha moment’. You see yourself traveling down those same paths, acting out some of the same things, and I came to a realization, that if I didn’t change the way I was going, that was probably going to be my fate as well.

The average stay for the length of inpatient for 28 days is historically something that has been used in the past. As we move forward in our research and our information about substance use, and the effectiveness, and longevity of sobriety after going into an inpatient stay, we learn that, that comes from the effort that was given in a longer program Serenity’s approach to the 30 day program, versus the 30 day program, it feels a lot more comfortable, it doesn’t feel like it’s being forced to you, you know? A lot of the 30 day programs you are forced to be there, and that’s part of the reason why I don’t think people take them as serious.

Most of the people here at Serenity are here because they want to be here, and they want to get better. So, here at Serenity, we like to give people the opportunity to embrace all of the different programs that we have available. Each program is usually around 3-4 weeks, which is where you’ll see a lot of that meat and potatoes and the bulk that’s going to be helpful for the client. And as I’ve mentioned before, they do sometimes like to stay and take advantage of multiple programs, and add onto that, which is where we see people who are enjoying more of a 60-90 day length program, as opposed to what we like to stick with in our core 45 day length.

For me, knowing what I know now, the open-ended is hands down more beneficial to me, and I think everyone I’ve talked to believes it’s more beneficial to them as well. Like I said, it’s just more of a no-pressure on your want to be here. You’re going to get what you take out of it. I mean, you’re free to walk out the door at any point in time, but how bad do you really want to get better?

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