How to make a recycled drinking glass from a vodka bottle

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How to make a recycled drinking glass from a bottle First you will need some attractive bottles Score around the bottle using the bottle cutter Stick some blue tack along the score line This is used to keep the hot and cold water on the score line and increases the cutting success rate You are going to need to make a tool to attach your glass to a drill This can be made from a round piece of wood cut with a hole saw Now drill six holes in it for tie wraps to attach it to your glass Thread a nut and bolt through the centre so you can attach it to your drill It’s important to cover your glass with insulation tape to prevent it getting scratched Use tie wraps to attach your glass to your drill adapter Once all the tie wraps are tight make sure you cover it all with insulation tape This bit is straight forward but make sure you do it on decent sandpaper and on a soft surface This could take up to half an hour Don’t forget to round off your edges Use fine sand paper to get a nice finish

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