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How to Open a Halfway House Or a Recovery Home

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To begin with, let us tell you this article is going to smash any kind of preconceptions out there regarding opening a halfway house in the USA. You do not require a license, permit, or any additional document to open a midway house. If any person, government recognized, government agency, zoning commission, and so forth tells you otherwise, they are engaging in unlawful and unfair practices. Know your own rights (see bellow links to know your rights).


Just for a hypothetical circumstance; let’s say that 3 people who have depressive disorder decide to become roommates within a home. Should they become shut down and kicked out of the community because of their disability? Does that mean they have got to get a license or even permit to stay? Of program not. They are protected underneath the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), as well as other determinations (see links below) against such discrimination. Havingchemically reliant persons in a home is not any different!!! Alcoholics and addicts possess the same laws to protect all of them.

It is a well known undeniable fact that City Councils have tried to stop halfway houses in their communities by stating that a midway house with alcoholics and/or lovers, in other words disabled persons, (and alcoholics and addicts qualify as handicapped under the ADA), must not have roommates (as in 2 people within a room at a house), which prevents most halfway homes from opening.

If you have a house, and you want to open up a halfway house, and your home loan payment is $700. 00 each month (see additional expenses at the bottom of the paragraph), there are many things to think about before accepting residents into your home. Let’s say, hypothetically, you stick to licensing and zoning guidelines. With the average charge to a citizen with a substance abuse problem, getting around $125. 00 per week, you can view that if you went with what the particular license division / politicians inform you, (which are illegal tactics), you’d be better with out of business shortly. Keep in your mind that in addition to your home loan payment are things such as: utilities, telephone service, water, food, furniture, cooking items, beds, sheets- basically everything you would require to survive, etc .

On another hand, if you did not license your home, you could put in 2 or 3 people within a room and keep your midway house open. In other terms, helping others to get a hand up at living sober. Please read more details below…


How to open a Recovery Home, Halfway House, Sober Living Home OR starting a Half Way House/Recovery Facility*- Resources to assist you. This article consists of information on the standards and specifications of opening and operating a Halfway House/Recovery Home- NOTE: Not every county in the United States approaches standards and licensure within the same way- it is best to get in touch with your local licensure department and/or zoning division.

The first thing you should know regarding opening a halfway house is that you simply do not need a degree or unique certification to open one, which most operate without a license/permit. Also, under the ADA (Americans along with Disabilities Act) and The Fair Act Amendment, as well as other determinations, helps it be illegal to discriminate against midway houses and the people who own, run, and live in them. Please notice our links below for more information regarding these issues. There are a quantity of other important issues to protect concerning opening a halfway home that are vital to know.

You must first decide where you will certainly operate. Once you have determined a location you have a choice within whether to license* the service or not. There are also other allows, inspections, zoning variances, etc . to explore prior to opening up a halfway house. Please keep in mind that it really is your choice whether to obtain a license, permit, and other certifications for your operation of a halfway home. If you choose to open a halfway house without a permit, there are certain parameters you must operate below to make sure you are not shut down from the county/city you operate within. It is always best to check into what exactly is required, allowed, and not allowed simply by contacting your local licensure agency plus zoning department.

Most halfway homes that are not licensed are required to NOT provide on-site guidance or other wrap-around services- to avoid additional

paperwork and hassles, you can provide these services at a local church or other creating. Most halfway houses that are certified may need to

obtain a zoning difference, simply because (in the eyes associated with politicians) you are basically operating a business in a residential region. You may find that

because you are license it, the county (Zoning Commission) will limit the number of people you could have in any one room and at anyone residence.

A halfway house which is going through the licensing process (and this may take months, even yrs to work out) will be necessary to have certain

structural adaptations produced (water/fire sprinkler lines installed- that is very expensive) wheel chair obtainable, parking and traffic issues to deal with, etc .

There are some over head details to work out before you start consuming residents. You should know how many occupants you will have in each room, everything you are going to charge each citizen, and what services are included in this price or rent. You may also possess to contend with residents coming in without money, or that some occupants will be late and/or short of the whole rent monies owed. It’s upward to you how you handle these types of situations. If you have a home ready to use as a Halfway House (providing you have decided regardless of whether to license it or not) and your mortgage payment, for a 4 bedroom home, is $700. 00 per month (estimate), you will also require to factor in start-up and carried on costs like food costs each week, water and utility costs, home needs, (paper towels, toilet papers, dish soap, cleaning chemicals, mobile phones, etc . ), as well as monthly plus yearly costs, (beds and linens, TV, computer(s), Internet connection, bath towels and face clothes, shampoo, meals and utensils, pest control providers, vucuum(s), maintenance, etc . )- generally everything you would need if you were beginning with scratch in a new house (considering you have nothing on hand) only this time it is for By number of people. Also include additional products, if licensed, like license and enable charges, health inspection fees, reviews, paperwork and filing, accounting, and so forth With the above example you can obviously see that many licensure and zoning variances would limit you to having only 4 people at the house, so meeting your over head is not possible- you would be operating in debt every month.

Fair Housing Act

A just to illustrate (actual court case) in which, regarding a period of more than 1 year, a city violated the provisions mentioned within the Fair Housing Amendments

Act (Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended from the Fair Housing Amendments Act associated with 1988, 42 U. S. Chemical. § § 3601-3619) and refused the operating of a Halfway House within a residential region.

In an effort to assist people, agencies, religious affiliations, etc . open up recovery places and tackle the particular unfair and illegal tactics political figures and others are using to stop all of them, NICD has put together some fundamental, and very needed, resources to promote journey. Counties are using zoning

codes/variances to try and control halfway houses/sober residing homes and the total census permitted within these centers. Some from the bias is a

NIMBY, (Not In My Back Yard) situation, while some include property value concerns. In any case, the reasons for elegance and unfair tactics are not depending on fact or material circumstances. These counties and individuals are in breach of the law as it relates to the ADA, (Americans With Disabilities Act), Section 36. 209 area 510 which describes alcoholics/drug lovers as people with disabilities. The Federal Fair Housing Act, (see hyperlink below), 42 USC section 3604(f)(2) makes it unlawful “to discriminate against any person in the terms, conditions, or privileges of sale or rental of a dwelling, or in the provision of services or facilities in connection with such dwelling because of a handicap.” The 42 USC section 3604(f)(3)(B) provides that will unlawful discrimination includes failure to make “reasonable accommodations in guidelines, policies, practices.

providing some assets that you can use in starting up a plan.

There are numerous obstacles to conquer in trying to open up a halfway house for alcoholics and drug addicts. NICD will attempt to help you by

Note: Please feel free to copy/print this page, as we have waived the particular copyright for this page only.

Some additional concerns you may encounter:

The next section has some rules that needs to be a part of any quality operate halfway house. In addition to these is a section regarding navigating your way

through getting your occupants into benefits and entitlements.

Specific: Halfway Houses Rules- A good midway house should have rules. We possess constructed some that we feel are crucial.



*Being intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs

*Possession of alcohol/drugs

*Possession of weapons

*Threats either verbal physical, or acts of violence, fighting

*Property destruction or altering the actual physical construction of the premises, including inside walls

*Failure to submit a U/A (which are always at your cost)

*Unaccountable or even discrepancies in times off of premises

*Lies, possibly found on your intake paperwork or else, stealing, unusual behavior, and any kind of criminal activity

*Failure to comply with guidelines and/or staff directions

1. You are needed to attend at least 3 12-Step meetings per week, have a plan book, (Big Book, NA Text, etc . ), and have your conference slip

signed by a member of the girls, and not another resident, and go to on-premises “House Meetings” which are kept 2 times per week, 1-2 hours for each meeting.

2. House meeting presence is mandatory, (which means you need to arrange for employment that does not interfere with these types of meetings), there are

no exceptions to this rule.

3. For the very first 30 days you are to stick to premises, (during this time you are anticipated to be working on your steps), and must arrange 12-Step conference attendance with another resident that is not on restriction, and this should be pre-approved by the house manager.

4. You are required to sign-out whenever leaving the premises, and sign-in upon return- all leaves should be pre-approved by the house manager in

advance, and any inconsistencies in depart times are grounds for release.

5. Rent must be paid each Friday directly to the house supervisor, and kept up to time without exception.

6. You should see the house manager at least one time per week to discuss your recuperation program- it does not count as a visit to discuss program whilst paying rent, unless the house supervisor chooses to do so.

7. You must obtain a Home Group and a Sponsor (You should provide a contact name plus phone number), within the first 7 days of residency, and this will be validated.

8. You must have Steps one, 2, and 3 in writing, plus present these in the House Meeting by the 3rd week, along with a copy to the house manager.

9. You are required to be employed full-time, and you are not permitted to give up a job without first talking about it with the house manager, (employment status will be checked on periodically).

10. There are certain varieties of employment that are not allowed, and you should speak with the house manager

11. No taxi driving, working in bars, clubs, or even places that sell alcohol.

12. Your room must be kept nice, with your bed made at all times, carpets vacuumed, toilet cleaned, kitchen area thoroughly clean, which means absolutely no

glasses, dishes, forks, knives, spoons, etc . left within the sink at any time, and any garbage disposed of in a timely way.

13. You will be assigned everyday and weekend chores (these are usually mandatory as part of your stay).

14. All vehicles will have current tags plus insurance, and this must be verifiable. Also, there will be no storage of automobiles, and no working on vehicles on the property.

15. Bikes and other modes associated with transportation must be stored in the appropriate places, and security for these are at your own personal cost.

16. Any situation that needs police involvement must be discussed with all the house manager before the police these are known as, (any police involvement

without house supervisor approval will be grounds for discharge).

17. There are absolutely no guests allowed on premises without before approval from the house manager.

18. There will be no congregating outdoors, no loud music or conversations, no walkmans, caps, sunglasses, bandanas, or inappropriate dress allowed, and then you¡¯re required to attend to everyday hygiene needs.

19. No the first is allowed in another residents room- period.

20. There are simply no sharing of clothes, personal house, loaning money, borrowing vehicles, which includes bikes by either staff or even residents.

21. You may be asked for to submit to a U/A at any time, which may include either along with cause or without.

22. Any resident who is aware of a guidelines infraction and does not notify the house supervisor immediately will be subject to release, which includes

finding out later which you knew about it.

23. All areas are subject to inspections at any time, and any room that does not move inspection may cause all residents in this room to be


24. Smoking is not allowed in rooms.

25. There will be no illegal connection of cable, or use of wire boxes. Cable hook-ups will be carried out legally, at your cost, and your danger. If bills are not current you will end up required to cut-off services till the bill is paid for.

26. Phone hook-ups are your responsibility, similar to the bills that go along with this.

27. Any cooking done simply by residents requires immediate clean-up.

28. Any delegation, directive, or demand that is made by staff will then turn out to be a rule.

29. Any health conditions and/or injuries must be brought to the attention of the house manager.

30. Calls to 911 for medical conditions, accidental injuries, etc . must be approved by the house supervisor before calling.

31. If it has an emergency, call 911, and then inform the house manager immediately.

32. Any and all medications, including pain supplements, psych. meds, aspirin, Advil, chilly, flu, sinus, etc . will be held, and locked up by the home manager and dispensed according to the instructions on the bottle- any kind of Rx. or

33. House shut downs will occur if chores aren’t done, the grounds and buildings aren’t cared for, rooms are not kept thoroughly clean, or general attitudes are not consistent with house etiquette, and is done so on the discretion of the house manager.

34. All rules and regulations are subject to improvements and changes at the house supervisors discretion.

This is not a total list of all the possible rules and violations that may happen, so to insure a healthy, happy, substance free recovery

environment please do your own part to use common sense in regards to either doing or not performing something that may affect yours plus others

continued stay.

Finally, staff will never take the role of cop, attorney, or investigator. This means secretions will occur without investigation associated with who did what, what was stated, who is, or who is not responsible.

The NIMBY Syndrome, (Not In My Back Yard), is one region that an owner of a recuperation home / halfway house may have to contend with. It is usually greatest to address this issue up front before you decide to open, or before construction will be started. Your local Zoning Commission office should be able to showcase the area you plan on opening the particular halfway house in. The census bureau can provide information on the communities make up, (economic base, average wages made, gender average, average price of homes in the area, and other good info to educate yourself with).

Check to see if there is a homeowners organization, as that could be your best bet in obtaining to know your neighbors, plus them getting to know a person.

You should plan on going to one of their meetings before you open up, but definitely after you have been using the information that you know will come up for dialogue. Some concerns will be on whether you will accept violent offenders, psychiatrically unstable residents, how your home will certainly affect property values. You may convince people that you plan on operating a safe, drug free, and rigid program by bringing a duplicate of your intake protocol and midway house rules. Let them understand how you plan on handling the situation whenever one of your residents comes up positive upon a drug

screen. You should create, in writing, protocols for dealing with this particular and other situations- there should be a strategy that all staff and residents are usually to follow in any given circumstance. There will be some fear presently there, as no one wants a medication addict discharged/kicked out in their community at 1: 00 A. Mirielle. on a weekend or any additional time.

You need to gather together the facts and also how you will deal with all sorts of possible situations. If a person take the lead and let your own neighbors know, before they request, what they can expect from you, you will move far in gaining their rely on. Just be sure you follow through as you guaranteed. It will pave the way to open another site, if you want to, if you have a great relationship along with those that live around your midway house.

In six major research of communities where halfway homes were opened, no significant alter in average housing prices might be found (MacNeil & Kappel, 1986, Part III. A. ). (**

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