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How To Tell If Someone Is An Alcohol Abuser

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Joe G.: One way you can tell if someone is an alcoholic is if the amount of alcohol increases and they have a higher tolerance for it. They drink larger amounts of alcohol where an average person would definitely be under the influence. Jason B.: Whenever you want to drink alone, at home, by yourself, you’re not really going out for the bar scene anymore, you’re dependent on it and you have to do it every single day to get by. Erik L.: For me the biggest way to tell if someone has an issue with alcoholism is they are a very isolated person, they don’t seek out help, they run and hide form their problems.

Joe G.: An alcoholic, a severe alcoholic will have withdrawal symptoms from alcohol if they stop using alcohol. They may have shakiness like hand tremors, may not be able to sleep well at night. Jason B.: Some of the mental, physical. Physical definitely you know, gaining a lot of weight getting sluggish in my everyday activities and work, struggling through those things each day. Some of the mental you know, cloudy thoughts, couldn’t put sentences together you know, just struggled with easy activities throughout the day. Erik L.: Some of the symptoms that were taking a toll on me mentally was I could never think straight until I had a couple of drinks in me, I just couldn’t function properly.

I would wake up in the morning shaky and I focused all my time and energy on drinking and hiding it. Joe G.: You know approaching somebody that has a problem or you really think has a problem they most likely already feel a lot of guilt and a lot of shame. Letting a person know that you love them and that you care about them and you want what’s best for them and that you’re going to help them in recovery and that you don’t want to be a part of the problem.

Jason B.: Be very patient with them, try keeping calm, don’t put the blame on themselves because even though they are doing it to themselves its something that you really can’t control when you are in the state of addiction, its something that you’re going to need help with and you can’t do it by yourself. Erik L.: I would definitely suggest they go about it in a helpful manner don’t play the blame game, don’t belittle them, don’t make them feel like they’re doing something horribly wrong, just have a conversation with them human to human with them. Joe G.: I feel very good about the work that A Forever Recovery does, I feel good about the work that I do but I keep perspective you know, this is, peoples lives are at stake and I am going to do absolutely nothing but try to help the alcoholic or the addict. Jason B.: A Forever Recovery has definitely changed my life for the better, coming in I was a little hesitant t first you know, detoxing and everything but throughout the 12 Steps of the book here, I’ve learned to change my attitude, my way of thinking and actually set goals for myself now and there actually attainable and I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

Erik L.: A Forever Recovery has really helped me over these last 6 weeks evaluate my life and find the real problem and breaking it down into little parts and having a plan to fix those things and continue my sobriety not just come to treatment here but it truly is a forever recovery that you can fix these issues in your life and really continue living a better life..

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