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Stop Drinking Alcohol For Good

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Alcoholism Is a serious problem In our society today. It ruins peoples lives and destroys relationships. People turn to alcohol as a way of dealing with the stresses and pressures of life, but the release is temporary and the consequences can be disastrous as well as costly.

Alcohol gives us a temporary release from our problems, but it has a detrimental effect on our health, relationships and our work environment. If you’ve got a drink problem you owe it to yourself, your friends and loved ones to stop this destructive habit.

Do you have a drink problem,

Do you get annoyed or irritated when people criticise your drinking,
Have you ever had a drink first thing in the morning to calm your nerves or to get over a hangover,
Do you sometimes consider cutting down the amount you are drinking,
Have you ever felt bad or guilty because of your drinking,

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then it is very likely that you have a drinking problem. If your drinking is destroying your relationships, job, health or getting you in trouble with the law, then you really do need to do something about it. Don’t try to kid yourself that you can control your drinking, It never works and your addiction will win in the long run.

Imagine what a life without drinking could be like:

– You will not be putting yourself or other people in danger
– Your relationships will be better
– You’ll be healthier and live longer
– You’ll be happier
– You’ll look and feel better
– You’ll have more money at your disposal
– You’ll perform better in the workplace
– You’ll no longer make a fool of yourself

All of the above statements are true, can you see how great your life will become If you give up drinking,

But I can’t imagine a life without alcohol,

I remember feeling that way too, I’d awake each morning and reach for the bottle. A day would never pass without me being under the influence of alcohol. I was unemployed, suffering from depression and suicidal and yet I still continued to drink. When you are drinking you don’t think about anything else and such an attitude has a serious impact on your life.

There is a life without alcohol, a life where you can achieve your dreams and reach your full potential. I’ve not been drinking for two and a half years now and I’ve never had a relapse. I didn’t have to rely on Alcoholics Anonymous, I stopped drinking all on my own, just as you can.

How to stop drinking
– Think about the reasons why you drink and the occasions when you do.
– Write down the bad experiences you’ve had as a result of your drinking
– Work out how much you’re drinking in a week
– Make an appointment to see a medical professional to talk about stopping
– Set a date to stop drinking

It doesn’t look like you have to do very much does it, Your physician will be able to prescribe medication to get you through withdrawal process and it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. I was a chronic alcoholic and I was dependent on alcohol to function on a daily basis and I was surprised at how easy it was to stop.

The problem is staying stopped, but the tools that I use make it easy. I’m not bothered by alcohol in the slightest. People can drink around me and I don’t have a problem, indeed there is always alcohol In my house as my wife and son regularly drink.

Two and a half years ago I would have thought this was impossible and that I could never resist the temptation to drink!

Now I’m offering you the opportunity to do exactly the same, to defeat alcoholism and to live an addiction free life. I’ll give you all of the tools and information to make your alcoholism a thing of the past. I want to help you to overcome your destructive habit and to lead a productive life where alcohol is no longer in control of you.

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