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Alcoholism Recovery: 12 Steps to Stay Sober Over the Christmas Holidays:

One of the most difficult times of the 12 months for those recovering from alcoholism is the Christmas holidays. If you find yourself battling during the Christmas season, make sure you remember that you are not alone. Help is just a phone call or a meeting apart!
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Absolute Alcohol Sobriety

For members of Alcoholics Anonymous, complete alcohol sobriety is a must. But, for several of us absolute alcohol sobriety is really a choice we make for all sorts of factors.

Health issues tend to be the best motivation for maintaining absolute alcohol consumption sobriety. Alcohol read more

Alcoholics Anonymous – What Do The 12 Steps Mean To Sobriety?

Since its getting pregnant in the 1930s Alcoholics Anonymous is becoming synonymous with recovery. Over the particular years, their 12 step procedure has been applied to wide variety of problems through drugs (Narcotics Anonymous) to overindulging (Over-eaters Anonymous) to excessive read more

The 12 Steps To Recovery From Sex Addiction

Recovering from a sex addiction requires sticking with a 12 step program. Such programs have become harmonious with people' s efforts to change their life and behaviors, and have been put on everything including over-eating, sex, addictive gambling, and drug addiction.

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Alcohol Breathalyzer Function And Uses

An alcohol breathalyzer calculates the particular percentage of alcohol present in your bloodstream by measuring the amount of intoxicating gases that are exhaled through the lung area. While first developed primarily being an aid to law enforcement officials administering sobriety read more

Fl Bd of Bar Examiners – Criminal, Substance-Alcohol Abuse & Mental Issues at an Investigative Hrg

The great irony of being in a situation to encounter one of these issues at an informal investigative hearing is that you have established yourself as one of the best and brightest, have or are about to graduate law school and you are about to set forth and pass the bar exam.

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Alcoholic Boyfriend? How Alcoholic Behavior Destroys Your Trust

As a psychiatrist that focuses on habit, I’ve heard quite a lot of complaints through the years from completely different purchasers about their experiences relationship an alcoholic boyfriend. The tales are like a rustic western track the place the refrain is all the time the read more