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The Consequences of Alcohol Abuse

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I would say depression is probably one of the most pronounced symptoms. The only one that is probably near that is the anxiety. Like I said, probably the most pronounced part of the depression; once I realized I was drinking too much and even putting my life at risk with use of hard liquor. I do not touch hard liquor anymore, especially as probably just the Indian-Irish mix in there probably does not do too well with it.

I just quit. I would just get into fights. I would be on crutches with pins sticking out of my foot getting drunk. I remember when we were in San Francisco getting arrested and getting charged with assault for different. I have had that happen a few times since I have been out. Luckily both times I was on crutches, and nobody wants to charge somebody else with assault and pursue it in California wants to admit that the fact that they got their ass whipped by a guy on crutches. They got dropped. That was no reason for me to keep on persisting with that kind of behavior.

That was one of the impetuses of me quitting alcohol. I would tell you that the depression was exacerbated by that. Everybody knows alcohol is a depressant. Once I quit that it got a little better, but it was still the lack of pleasure in things that normally I would enjoy. Man, I still do not. I do not know if it is a bad or a good thing. I do not really seek to judge it. That is the way it is. I just do not. Just simple things that used to I could get motivated about or enjoy, it just like nowadays it just is like big deal. Not even that, it is just nothing. It is just kind of like a void now..

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