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The Impact Of Alcoholics Anonymous On Other Substance Abuse Related Twelve Step Programs

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Dealing WIth An AlcoholicUnlike AA which is substance specific, Narcotics Anonymous is open to all drug addicts, whatever the particular drug or combination of medications used. Following the growth from the NA fellowship, other 12-step companies developed around a single problem compound. Note however that in keeping with 12-step principles, these fellowships promote disuse from all mind altering elements including alcohol, not solely from your specific substance that is their main focus. The development and chronology of these organizations somewhat reflects particular substance use patterns in the US. Each of these organizations is independent based on a structure described in a later on section. Table 1 summarizes obtainable knowledge about the estimated size of every fellowship discussed below.

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) was founded in 1982 within Hollywood, California and currently retains meetings in most US states and also in Canada and Mexico, New Zealand, many western European nations, Indonesia and Hong Kong, along with ongoing online meetings.

Marijuana Anonymous started in a number of states at nearly simultaneously around 1986-87 by “addicts [who] didn’t feel comfortable sharing about their problems in the other programs aimed at chemical dependencies, and in some meetings, they were actually told that they couldn’t share. The early members of MA found that, for the most part, marijuana is a ’high bottom’ drug and they had a hard time identifying with some of the heavier substance abusers who had lost everything they had” (Marijuana Anonymous, 1992). Marijuana Anonymous meetings are held is almost almost all US states as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark Great Britain, the Netherlands and Scotland; online meetings are also available.

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) started September 1992 in Los Angeles, California and currently holds meetings in many US states as well as in Canada, Australia and New Zealand (Crystal Meth Anonymous, 2007). Similar towards the other recovery programs discussed right here, the CMA program is modified with permission from the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Most recently, Heroin Anonymous (HA) started in Phoenix, Arizona upon August 12, 2004; currently, 24 meetings are held throughout Arizona, Texas, Michigan, California and Illinois. (Heroin Anonymous, 2004)

In conjunction with these substance specific groups, we have been also aware of a handful of Christian 12-step-based recovery organizations (e. g., Free-N-One Recovery) although they appear to be quite local (mostly in California) and small information is available. These organizations motivate members to look to Jesus Christ as their higher power. Overcomers Outreach (OO) describes itself as a link between traditional 12-step recovery groupings and the church and has adapted the particular AA 12-step to incorporate religious scriptures.

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