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Top Binge Drinking Country Is Ireland, #2 Will Surprise You

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The World Health Organization did a study to see where the world’s binge drinkers live and the results are actually very very surprising so let’s take a look at the very first graph it looks at the percentage drinkers that binge at least once a week at the top of that list you’ll see Ireland %uh so you in Ireland 56 percent to them and say that they binge drink at least once a week twenty percent of the women do the same Laos is also on that list forty percent monthly binge drink once a week twenty percent women say the same in India 25 percent for women its fifteen percent and surprisingly enough for russia is not too high on the list as you can see only 22 percent of men in russia say they binge drink at least once a week and only 6 percent of women do the same so but recently on the show it said the binge drinking is unique to the US because I’m are ridiculous restrictive laws on drinking this study would prove me wrong so I just want to point out how wrong I was okay I accepted my like to correct myself gobbler there we go well we look back on this program so but now it was so bad to study things out here for small the fact that the higher sure the most drunk is not something was just be honest comments their tech prep it turns out boy has a stereotype ever been this right because binge drinking is defined as having at least six drinks in one sitting whether it’s a shot its be a beer wine whatever I would die by the way a6 traces a lot man I you and I’m a big I am i do six strings like three times a year right four times here baby I’m soft whatever right I’m certainly not Irish rate would look at that number which by the way destroys Rs the field 56 percent army men being trade once a week in Ireland once a week 56 percent a man I know it’s amazing that’s I really as stunning man so another interesting a stack here is vietnam exact in vietnam a wicked out drink mad 23 percent women say they’ve been doing it with at least once a week and only 22 percent of men say the same so let me add to that so it turns out mid this study is 0 only drinkers many haven’t had a single drink in the last year right so there are some people especially Muslims for example that never drink great so they’re not involved in the study right now only people who ever drink great so in that category this only two countries where the women out read the men vietnam and the United Arab Emirates it is not a true think super interesting so this next graph all looks at how much do these nations females I consume alcohol so hot how many drinks per week located specifically looking at women in bosnia 35 yet I Kate saying that’s a good name to visit I was butchered Bosnia and Herzegovina I but there are actually two different countries but they get lumped together often times and in those countries its Abbasi as majority Muslim this a significant Christian population as well but 35 blows away the field okay so these are amount drinks per week home we have seen them women and they look at the number Muslim countries on that list at turkey comes a number to Egypt comes the number 38 Russian woman hanging in there number four nicely done and in algeria Malaysia iraq context on borough way to go happy hour and and in Syria prewar look at the US is all the way near the bottom there are only nine drinks well I love that they did this because I think for everyone when you look at this kind of data you can reflect on yourself and how much you drink and I always thought you know especially as a plate that I was drinking too much but there’s no way I’m having nine drinks a week like that is not going to happen yeah right let alone food you parents took my nothing credible that’s not healthy like let’s okay it let’s give a little bit more context here as well because in the Muslim countries if other everybody’s a lush it in fact nine out ten women don’t read at all right but over the ones that drink they drink a lot so this is only a minor drinkers the and that’s why maybe the percentage is so hot yet so one in three female drinkers in the UAE report bingeing at least once a week mom and so do one in four male drinker so it’s interesting to see that happen in in countries like that yeah well and you can tell how drunk they are close their underneath a job or whatever else might be in a particular country yeah so you can’t even tell their sauce almost there stumbling around on the door like hey what’s going on over there how much does the average alcohol consumer drink in Mali it’s a 39 per week which is insane zimbabwe 37 South Africa 37 Egypt 3590 re at 34 Russia 28 I mean it Ireland 21 in USA 15 so that to Irish have a higher percentage of people who been shrinking but when you look at the average alcohol the consumer drinks they’re not at the top and so that’s interesting that’s for Africa source a really represent hmm that we’re probably Africa way to commit their but there’s a lot of stereotypes are busted in here yet there are you I would hand I would have zimbabwe and nigeria anywhere near the top let alone he chipped so you know credits kickbacks absurd a Google credit to them for beating the rush is an Irish yet nicely done

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