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Update Giving up Alcohol

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Hi it’s Aly here it seemed fitting to do a quick update on my life choice no longer drinking alcohol did put up a few videos when it first came out a month and a little bit in now and feeling fabulous and I can’t believe I’ve left it nearly fifty to actually stop drinking and I wish i’d done it years a go feeling brilliant I getting out of bed to eat here in the morning I have a better chance I am NOT looking forward to the evening to go buy wine I just enjoyed my juice drinks I am juicing loads of green vegetables fresh carrot and that is my drink of choice now I’m much more excited than inducing minutes and get in a couple of pints of healthy choose on the go for the evening then down in half to a whole bottle of wine I did say in my previous videos how I was starting to feel drinking and how I didn’t like it and I stick by that I absolutely despised myself when I had a drink and I asked ridiculous by to steal it was such a fake a false life being drunk and I just don’t wanna do any more than I do feel so much better its a big decision for anyone giving up drinking .

But a lot of people are doing this month cuz its October in its Ocsober and its a charity thing good luck to all you decide to do it for the month of October and if you can continue on from october into november you might actually realize that you don’t want to drink anymore as well lots of people have been messaging me and commented on my post on Facebook and Instagram that they jump of giving up alcohol as well and there is life after wine and it is a better life in my opinion so if you are going to do it either the charity for the length of October or if you decided to just stop drinking for health reasons which is why I did it then good on you and ya get in touch and we can chat about giving out thanks bye

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